Mythic League will once again be restructuring its divisions to a configuration we believe will maintain activity across all divisions as well as maintain competitive integrity.

Beginning August 1st, we will be re-introducing our Invite Division - Mythic Diamond. The initial invites will be reserved for active players who play on Advanced teams or have recently qualified for the Advanced division. In addition, the top 5 players from July's Mythic Ruby Leaderboard will receive an invitation on a trial basis. The division will feature a slightly higher prize pool as well as 45 FPL-C Qualifier spots to the top players in the monthly leaderboard. A Mythic League subscription will be required in order to play in the hub.

With the addition of Mythic Diamond, we will be retiring Mythic Ruby and return the level 10 players to Mythic Gold. The top 5 players from Mythic Gold's monthly leaderboard will earn a promotion to Mythic Diamond on a trial basis, as well as an invitation to the FPL-C Qualifiers.

We will also be reopening Mythic Silver, which will set the rank configuration as follows:

Mythic Diamond [Invite]
Mythic Gold [9-10]
Mythic Silver [5-8]
Mythic Bronze [1-4]

Since Mythic Diamond is an Invite Only league, we will be able to monitor player performance more closely. We have the right to remove any player that is not playing to the best of their ability or receives multiple reports regarding low skill. More information regarding rules, team communication and captain selection will be released shortly. Applications are now open via the application page in the Mythic Diamond hub here: