Mythic League is adding a fourth division with a new adaptation of Mythic Ruby. Exclusive to FACEIT Level 10 players, the hub will feature a $1,750 monthly prize pool as well as provide 50 FPL-C Qualifier spots which previously were awarded to the top 50 players in Mythic Gold.

While any FACEIT Level 10 player is able to join Mythic Ruby, players can be removed and must re-qualify through Mythic Gold.

The added provision will help ensure that all players compete to the best of their abilities, play each match the right way, and reduce the amount of incidents of players undermining the integrity of the league. Players who fail to abide by the new additional rule set may be subject to removal.

With the creation of a fourth division, other adjustments have been made within the rest of the league. Starting November 1, 2019, the Mythic League skill divisions will be as follows:

All level 10 players will still be able to queue for Mythic Gold, which now consists of players ranked 8-10. The Mythic Silver minimum requirement remains at level 5 with the highest now being level 7. We expect this to help close the skill gap within the division which we have received plenty of feedback about. While Mythic Bronze has not undergone any changes, we believe players who deserve to rank up will have an easier transition.

We will be carefully monitoring the skill gaps and activity of each division, and will make any necessary changes we see fit. If you would like to provide any feedback, please do so in the #feedback channel of our Discord. For more information on the new rule set in Mythic Ruby, please visit our rules web site.