Hello Mythic League players!

We would like to thank all of the players for being patient during the downtime of our Auto-VOIP and Authorization system. Players adapted quickly without complaint and all of the moderators and admins are grateful for that.

After a significant reworking of our authorization system, both it and the Auto-VOIP system are ready to be operational again.

Unfortunately due to this reworking all players will be required to re-authorize.


  • We will be giving all users a reasonable time-frame to complete their authorization before it is required to be able to join the queue. After 00:00 (midnight) EST on 10th of February 2020:

All players will be required to be successfully authorized in order to queue in each division.
The Auto-VOIP finder will be available for use again.

Players who are/were already authorized prior to 8th of January 2020:

Once complete you should receive a success message.

After this you can continue to play as normal and the Auto-VOIP will be available again after midnight EST.

Players who joined on or after the 8th of January 2020:

  • Head to https://support.mythicleague.com/ and login through the portal with your FACEIT account details.
  • Make sure your Discord account is connected by pressing the Connect button.
  • If you have trouble connecting the correct Discord try these steps:
  1. Visit https://discordapp.com/channels/@me
  2. Click the settings wheel in the lower left and Log Out.
  3. Login to your desired Discord account.
  • Once you have the correct account information entered hit the Sync Account button.

If you receive a success message you can join the queue and play as before. The Auto-VOIP channel will be available to use after midnight EST.

Having issues?

  • Most issues preventing a successful authorization of your account will be displayed after you click the Sync Account button with instruction on how to resolve the issue.
  • If for some reason you don’t understand or can’t resolve an issue please feel free to contact us in the #support channel on Discord.