Over the last three years, Mythic League players have been competing and improving by playing against each other in our own in-house hubs. To this point all of our leagues have catered to the solo queue experience, affording players the opportunity to experience the same environment as the professionals in FACEIT Pro League. Beginning today we are expanding our family to play more together, as a team everywhere on FACEIT.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new Mythic League Community - our FREE TO PLAY Mythic League experience. It's a brand new hub that allows players to create lobbies, invite friends and other members of the community to play against other players across the FACEIT platform. Lobby leaders are able to set which skill levels they want to play with as well as manage the players in the lobby. Once a match is found and you are taken to your match page, if you queue as a team of five a Mythic League badge will be displayed signifying that you are representing our community.

While Mythic League staff aren't able to directly manage the individual matches, we can make sure all players in the community are all playing with the same goal - to win. There will be voice channels in the official Mythic League discord for players to use. Subscribers will receive a Mythic League badge, access to special subscriber only leaderboards, access to our Mythic League custom emotes to use anywhere on FACEIT and more.

Mythic League Community is now open for all North American players to join. You will need to have your email, phone number and 2-factor authorization verified in order to begin queuing. You are able to start games once two players are in the lobby, but you will only earn leaderboard points in a 5 man stack. You can join here: https://ml-face.it/community

We are also happy to announce the release of our brand new web site! We have updated the site to not only be more visually appealing, but is now easier to use, more responsive and has brand new features to enhance the player experience. Starting today, players will be able to track their stats for each individual match as well as their overall performance in all Mythic Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond matches from their profile page. You will be able to to see your ADR, multi-kill rounds, enemies flashed, utility damage and clutch kills. We will be expanding the stats going forward to give you a more comprehensive look at how well you a progressing. We have also added a streams page that will feature all players who are playing matches in the solo queue hubs. In order to have your stream featured on the streams page, just sync your Twitch on your Mythic League profile page.

Have any feedback or questions? Visit our community discord and our support staff will gladly be able to help you out! https://ml-face.it/discord